Midtown Commercial Real Estate is a philosophy. A philosophy that brings together all of the services needed in today's real estate world under one roof.   The types of services that only the largest firms will offer certain clients.  From Equity to Construction, Brokerage, Development, Management, Facilities, Security, Janitorial, Professionals, the list goes on.  They are all here...for everyone to maximize their investments.  Whether you have one property or one hundred, we're going to use everything at our disposal to help you succeed. From our thriving brokerage business, to properties for small investors, opportunities for development and portfolios to place capital, Midtown is your source for all of your needs.  Whatever the size property type or location, Midtown will be there.  Our brokerage arm is a part of Remax; one of the top 3 Real Estate Brokerage firms in the world, with offices in all 50 states as well as countries around the globe.  Wherever there is real estate, we can find out the local knowledge about the asset.

A large part Midtown is our culture.  A positive, collaborative culture is just how we do business.  We have brought in people who have built tall buildings, traded on Wall Street, run major accounts for ad agencies, drilled for oil, ran social media platforms and accounting firms.  We do this to have a real estate perspective from every angle; a holistic view of the industry where we can view it in its truest form and obtain the best results for our clients, partners and investors.  It is also an attitude to do things the right way.  With all the of the tech tools at our disposal, putting in full day's work and full accountability; we fully embrace today's digeconomy without forgetting the building blocks of business.  At Midtown we our people like family, and sometimes our clients and partners become some of our closest friends.

So why do we want to change the industry?  Simple, we just want to make things better and pay it forward.  Create a more effective brokerage model with more ownership opportunities. Help create wealth for the next generations, for those who chose to come to this great country or better the circumstance they were born into.  Commercial Real Estate IS for everyone, not just the chosen few.  Let us find you property, bring you tenants, teach you to grow, invest and develop properties with you.  Most of all, create the life you want so you can make memories with your friends and loved ones for generations to come.  We can help you do that. 


So when we ask, "How can we help you"?  Think of what you really need help with in the commercial real estate industry and we can start with that.

Thank you for visiting....Carlo


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"The only limits you have are those placed on yourself, by yourself and for yourself...the world and its possibilities are wide open if you choose to have the imagination, courage and desire to experience them..."  CJC

"Genius does not exist without a touch of madness" - Seneca



Carlo Caparruva


Principal and Founder of the Midtown Concept.  


p. 973.467.0986

m. 862.216.6678


Robert Lyszczarz


Remax Select Group

President and Principal of the Remax Select Group. Principal of Midtown Commercial Realty.


p. 908.233.9292


Our Brokerage Partners, proud franchisees of Remax, LLC, one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in the world.  Midtown Commercial Realty a part of the Remax Select Group with offices throughout New Jersey and Florida.



Cheryl Cook

Director of Compliance

Remax Select Group

Director of Compliance for the Remax Select Group.


p. 908.233.9292


Jennifer Colamedici

Broker of Record

Remax Select Group

Broker of Record of the Remax Select Group.

p. 908.233.9292


Brian Spicciatie

Director of Marketing

Remax Select Group

Director of Marketing for the Remax Select Group


p. 908.233.9292


"Be the hero of your own life story.."

"Understand the "why" before you commit to the "who"- CJC


Joseph DeFeo

Managing Director

Midtown Commercial Realty

Managing Director of the Midtown Commercial Realty Brokerage Company. Retail and Office Specialist.


p. 973.467.0986

m. 973.519.5401


David Labush

Managing Director

Midtown Commercial Realty

Managing Director of the Midtown Commercial Realty Brokerage Company. Office and Industrial Specialist,

p. 973.467.0986

m. 732.687.4242


Etan Tammam

Managing Director- Retail

Midtown Commercial Realty

Managing Director- Retail of Midtown Commercial Realty

p. 973.467.0986

m 973.525.5764


Chris Sabin

 Managing Director

Midtown Marketing Company

Managing Director of Midtown Marketing Company, the Marketing Arm of the Midtown Companies.

p. 973.467.0986

m. 201.303.7625


Phyllis Chaplin


Midtown Commercial Realty

Director of Midtown Commercial Realty, Tinton Falls, NJ Office.

p. 732.917.7300

m. 732.938.7170


Lori Hascsak


Midtown Commercial Realty

Director of Childcare Real Estate for Midtown Commercial Realty



p. 973.467.0986

m. 973.768.3976


Dr. Brian Tanz


Midtown Commercial Realty

Director of Healthcare Real Estate for Midtown Commercial Realty. 


p. 973.467.0986

m. 917.364.8000


Giovanni Oliva


Vesta Realty Advisors

Principal at Vesta Realty Advisors, Pasadena, CA.  Advisor to Midtown for National NNN Transactions and Equity Management.

p. 626.410.6212

m. 626.437.9417


Shawn Vyas


Oklahoma Realty Advisors

Principal at Oklahoma Realty Advisors, Oklahoma City,OK.  Advisor to Midtown for NNN Transactions and Equity Management

p. 405.948.7500

m. 405.604.1166


Patricia Nardone

Marketing and Design

Midtown Marketing Company

Design and Marketing specialist at Midtown Marketing Company.





p. 973.467.0986

m. 973.508.9517


Carol Lopez-Karcz


Remax Commercial

Closter NJ Office

Associate at Remax Commercial, Closter, NJ. Specializes in Office, Retail, Multifamily and Industrial Assets.





p. 201.660.9933

m. 551.206.7307


Manuela Garcia-Miller


Midtown Commercial Realty

Administrator for Midtown Commercial Realty


p. 973.467.0986


Ronald Caparruva


F&J Associates LLC

Principal at CSI Inc, Midtown's partner in Facilities and Janitorial Management.

p. 908.930.2547


Alexander Jedd


Midtown Commercial Realty

Montclair, NJ Office

Investment and Development Specialist. Leader of the Brick City Group focusing on the Greater Newark, NJ area.

p. 973.739.8008

m. 973.746.5051


Brandon Bare


Midtown Commercial Realty

Asset Management,Transaction Management and Advisory.

p. 973.467.0986


Carolanne Rice

Director of Broker Services

Midtown Commercial Realty

Director of Broker Services for Remax Select and Midtown Commercial Realty.  Oversees all Administrative Staff and Functions.


p.  973.739.8008

m.  732.801.0692


Gerard Nardone

Property Management

Midtown Commercial Realty

Management Director for Midtown Commercial Realty.  Oversees onsite needs for Midtown's managed assets

p.  973.739.8008

m. 201.463.7979


Beverly Taylor


Remax Island Realty

Hilton Head Island, SC

Director for Midtown Commercial Realty in the Carolinas. Retail, Office, Industrial, Medical and Multifamily.  Licensed in the Carolinas and Georgia, based in Hilton Head Island, SC.

p. 843.785.5252

m. 843.384.9312


Daniel Rosario


Midtown Commercial Realty

Director of Multifamily and Urban Assets for Midtown Commercial Realty


p.  973.467.0986

m.  201.921.8190


Anthony Marino


Midtown Commercial Realty

Remax Select

Tinton Falls, NJ

Associate for Midtown Commercial Realty, Tinton Falls, NJ.  Retail & Investment Sales.

p.  732.917.7300

m. 732.685.6764


Gabrielle Caparruva

Marketing & Design

Midtown Commercial Realty

Marketing and Design intern for Midtown Commercial Realty 

p. 973.467.0986


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