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Midtown Commercial is a philosophy. A philosophy that brings together all of the services needed in today's real estate world under one roof.   The types of services that only the largest firms will offer certain clients.  From Equity to Construction, Brokerage, Development, Management, Facilities, Security, Janitorial, Professionals, the list goes on.  They are all here...for everyone to maximize their investments.  Whether you have one property or one hundred, we're going to use everything at our disposal to help you succeed. From our thriving brokerage business, to properties for small investors, opportunities for development and portfolios to place capital, Midtown is your source for all of your needs.  Whatever the size property type or location, Midtown will be there.  We work with real estate networks around the country and around the world.  If there is real estate, Midtown is there.

A large part Midtown is our culture.  A positive, collaborative culture is just how we do business.  We have brought in people who have built tall buildings, traded on Wall Street, run major accounts for ad agencies, drilled for oil, ran social media platforms and accounting firms.  We do this to have a real estate perspective from every angle; a holistic view of the industry where we can view it in its truest form and obtain the best results for our clients, partners and investors.  It is also an attitude to do things the right way.  With all the of the tech tools at our disposal, putting in full day's work and full accountability; we fully embrace today's digeconomy without forgetting the building blocks of business.  At Midtown treat we our people like family, and sometimes our clients and partners become some of our closest friends.

So why do we want to change the industry?  Simple, we just want to make things better and pay it forward.  Create a more effective brokerage model with more ownership opportunities. Help create wealth for the next generations, for those who chose to come to this great country or better the circumstance they were born into.  Commercial Real Estate IS for everyone, not just the chosen few.  Let us find you property, bring you tenants, teach you to grow, invest and develop properties with you.  Most of all, create the life you want so you can make memories with your friends and loved ones for generations to come.  We can help you do that. 


So when we ask, "How can we help you"?  Think of what you really need help with in the commercial real estate industry and we can start with that.


The well being of our agents and employees are paramount at Midtown, that is why we partnered with MRA Advisors for our Health, Life and Retirement programs.  The Midtown team has access to a full suite of services for all aspects of their life.  There are many different types of health, and we want to make sure that we do our part to ensure our team has access to the tools they need.

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