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Midtown has relationships with service providers of all types; contractors, accountants, attorneys, title everything you need for your business.  A basic list of services can be accessed by clicking below. You can also call or email us.

Carlo Caparruva   973.467.0986

Midtown works with a number of different attorneys.  As there are different situations that arise, we make sure that we retain counsel that specializes in that particular area.  Click below to find a list of attorneys we recommend and use.

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Cleaning Materials

NJ, NY, NC, FL - F&J is  Facilities Management Company specializing in Custodial Services including Cleaning, Spraying, Plowing, and Landscaping of Commercial Properties.  They also do special cleaning projects for Retailers, Office and Realtor Open Houses.

For more information, contact Ron Caparruva  at 908.930.2547. You can also visit their website by clicking their logo or email below.

Midtown's lending relationships range from Residential to Commercial, from SBA to CMBS, small banks, private lenders, funds and everything in between.  Contact us by clicking below to discuss your project and how we can get it funded at the price and terms that work for your proforma and budget.

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Security Guard
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CSI Security is a full service Security Guard company with over 30 years of experience in the TriState Area and Florida.  CSI provides Armed and Unarmed Guard protection as well as Investigations and Background Checks for their clients.  Their clients include Fashion Retailers, Malls, Medical, Auto Dealers, Offices and Education facilities of all types.  For further information, about CSI, contact them by clicking below.

Midtown's preferred Insurance Agents and Carriers are well known names in their field.  We do not skimp on insurance and neither should anyone.  Liability, E&O, Casualty, Environmental, Workmen's Compensation or Umbrella policies, we can help you find someone who will not just write you a policy, but service your needs as a client.



Apartment Complex


Midtown provides Management Services for clients across the United States.  Portfolio Asset Management, Property Management, Cost Segmentations, CAM Analysis and Audits, to name a few.  Midtown works with you to enact the best strategy and execute tactics that will generate more profitability from your holdings.

Pinewood Construction does Paving and Plowing jobs in all shapes and sizes.  They fill fix a driveway or repave a parking lot.  When it snows heavy, you want their big trucks to remove the snow so your business will get open ASAP.  Contact Pinewood at 732.671.1260 or click on their website below.



Construction workers on work site


Since Midtown owns all types of real estate, we have all sizes of construction contractors.  Site Work, Framing, Elevators, Roof, Steel, Cement, Drywall, Painting, even Landscaping.. whatever you need to build at a job site, Midtown will connect you with the best contractors for your project size, scope and budget.

There comes the opportunity where Equipment needs to be purchased.  Light Manufacturing, Hotel/Restaurant Equipment, Lab Equipment, or others; Midtown can help you with their business relationships that span the United States.  Contact Midtown by clicking below.

Laser Cutting




Midtown works with a number of Residential and Commercial Electricians for every type of job.  We also work with their fire and burglar alarm companies.  Today's cellular alarm electronic technology is very different from old copper wire technology.  Contact Midtown to find the right electrician for the job.

A pipe bursting is no fun, take it from a Landlord who runs to a property at 1 AM.  The best thing that you can have is a good plumber that is reliable.  Midtown works with Commercial and Residential plumbers that handle all aspects from interior plumbing to site work and industrial jobs.  Contact us to learn more by clicking below.

Sink Pipe


Sustainable Energy


Nearly every property has some sort of an Environmental component attached to it.  A Phase I study, a Tank Sweep, Soil Borings and more.  Midtown works with a number of firms that will manage all phases of testing and remediation if necessary.  Midtown ALSO works with Environmental Asset Management firms, Solar Providers, Wind Turbine Manufacturers and Hydrogen Providers for all of your energy and energy funding needs.

There are different types of Engineers, Civil, Structural, Traffic, Environmental, Geotechnical and more.  Midtown can help you not only with what type of engineer you needs but who would work best with you and your needs. Email us by clicking below for more information.

Engineering Plans


Commercial Buildings


Midtown has relationships with a number of Appraisers.  It is important to know that Lenders have certain Appraisers that they work with.  Midtown can help guide you through that process as we have been working with Appraisers for literally decades.  Email us below to learn more.

Every Architect has specialties, its the job of Midtown to help match the right one for your job.  A ground up Office Development is very different from a Residential remodel.  Midtown's relationships with numerous firms can help you take your project in the direction it is intended. 

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Stacks of Records


Midtown works with several Title Companies to best suit your needs.  Title Searches, Binders, Objections are all part of the process, let us put you with the right firm for your transaction.

Pat's Installation has been doing business in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut for over 30 years.  Pat's customer base includes a number of Fortune 500 firms where he managed all facets of Furniture Installation, Removal, Purchase and Liquidations and Preparation.  Call 908.565.3424 or click below for their website.





Pat's Installation has been doing business in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut for over 30 years.  Pat's services include Furniture Purchasing, Installation, Removal, Purchase and Liquidations and Preparation.  Call 908.565.3424 or click below for their website.

Midtown's Transaction Services can work with our Due Diligence Services or Independently.  Our team can manage all facets of a transaction for Landlords, Tenants or Agents.  Document Management, Marketing, Title, Attorney Correspondence, Scheduling, Environmental, everything needed to comeplete a transaction.

Financial Report

Transaction Management

Graphic Design Office

Marketing & Media

Midtown's M. Media platform provides third party marketing and media services to Landlords, Tenants and Agents.  M. Media will run your social platforms, create video, photo, audio and social content, e-blasts, events the works..  Contact Kristin Tesei for further information by clicking below.

Midtown's Due Diligence Services include property analysis, financial, tenant and market analysis, Phase I & II, Structural, Title, Survey and more.  All you need to go through the acquisition process safely and thoroughly. Form more information, please contact us by clicking below.

Accountant Records

Due Diligence

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