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Midtown has a recurring philosophy that you will hear over and over.  It is this..."In commercial real estate, only an owner can think like an owner."  Our mantra starts with this approach because after many years of working in this business, we know what works, what doesn't work, and what will make you lose your money. 


As an advisor, we seek to guide our clients to realize the highest level of returns while having a strong grip on all of the risk factors associated with a property or project.  Some of our services include:


Highest and Best Use Analysis


Evaluating asset for its highest and best use for the client, including portfolio positioning, asset class, asset type, its standing in the


marketplace, tenant positioning/relationships, existing leases etc.



Land Use and Entitlement Strategy and Oversight


Entitlement strategy/process for development/redevelopment.


Oversight of Entitlement and Development process – Fee Development



Proforma Analysis and Risk Assessment


Proforma of existing asset, SWOT analysis,



Repurposing and Repositioning Strategies


Evaluating of asset for change of use/redevelopment


Repositioning existing asset via lease up/construction etc



Project Oversight/Owner’s Representation


Owners Representation services


Oversight of project/portfolio



REO Strategy and Oversight


Strategy/Oversight for financial institutions with REO assets/Distressed Assets.


Management of REO/Distressed Assets



Public Incentives and Partnerships (P3s)


Public Private Partnerships


Public Private Project incentives


Opportunity Zones








Childcare & Educational Real Estate


Site Selection

Site Inspection

Environmental Advisory and  Inspections

Center Startup 

State and Local Filings

State Inspections, & Approvals

Operations Advisory


Budgeting & Financial 

HR Implementation

State Policy/Procedure/Program Management




Transaction Advisory & Management Services

Midtown Transaction Advisory and Management Services helps property owners and purchasers compile the proper information and documentation while selling, buying or developing a property.  We can guide you through the arduous process of securing the right professional for the task at any point in the transaction, development or construction process.  Midtown will do everything from the zoning analysis to due diligence to transaction/closing services for buyers, sellers and brokers.  Some of our services include:

Professional Referral Services

Legal Counsel Referral

Accountants/Cost Segregation

Engineering; Civil, Structural, Traffic


Facilities Security, Janitorial, Maintenance, Plowing, Paving and Construction

Financial - Mortgages and Equity


Property Insurance

Title Insurance


Commercial Moving Services


Full Due Diligence Services


Lease Abstracts


Income and Expense

Tax Return analysis






Full Transaction Management


Project Updates and Correspondence

Managing the Client Transaction Process

Attorney Correspondence

Mortgage Company Correspondence


Title Coordination




Closing Documents


Certificate of Occupancy


Closing Schedule





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