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Property Management Services

Midtown utilizes a “hands-on” approach to the management of our properties.  Since we are property owners as well as third party managers, our clients get the same service, care and expertise that we give our own assets.  In commercial real estate, only an owner can think like an owner, and we employ that philosophy in all of our endeavors.  Because we use the same professionals and personnel for all of our assets, we will ensure our clients receive the highest level of service with a lower cost.


We approach management from 2 perspectives; physical and financial.  In the physical perspective, we will go through the asset from top to bottom, evaluating the property, structure and systems, and what can be done to increase the market value of the property.   In the financial perspective, we will evaluate the revenue and expense streams while doing a deep dive into the leases, costs, accounting and vendors.  We will then reconcile both approaches and ascertain where the property's market value can be increased while running more cost effectively. 

To that end, the office and facilities personnel at Midtown are experienced and well versed in virtually every aspect of third party property management, with the spectrum of services from maintenance and repair to budgeting, financial reporting and reconciliation.  Our property management teams (accounting, field personnel and property managers) are accountable for timely rental collection, and accounts payable including payment of property taxes, insurance and debt service. However, while numbers determine a property's financial condition, its tenants are its heartbeat.  Midtown's vast tenant relationships through their Brokerage, Advisory and Equities businesses promote positive tenant interaction and trust, which is so critical in tenant retention. 


On the Facilities side, Midtown has a working relationship with SB Service Group., a regional Facilities, firm.  SB Service Group's client base ranges from international retailers to financial institutions, medical facilities to construction firms.  provides everything from simple maintenance to snow plowing, security guards to office cleaning.  For more information on the SB Service Group you can click  www.thesbservicegroup.com .  Midtown also has a working relationship with F&J Associates, a regional Janitorial and Cleaning firm.  With locations in Northern New Jersey, Tampa, Florida and Miami, Florida; F&J, can service your assets in major markets in the Eastern United States.  Through those relationships, along with our Project Management services, we have the ability to undertake improvements that can range from small renovations and buildouts to ground up development. 

Midtown's owned managed portfolio includes institutionally owned assets, downtown real estate, distressed properties and everything in between.  The Principals of the firm have successfully owned, developed and managed real estate through decades of robust growth as well as The Great Recession.   If our years of experience have taught us anything, its to be balanced in our approach, operate real estate efficiently and cost effectively while providing great service.  In the end, our clients will judge our performance on two simple criteria, Service and Results, and Midtown will do its utmost to excel in each.  We look forward to discussing your Asset and Property Management needs with you.


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