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Real Estate is just like any other business.  You have people who sell goods, manage the finances, manage the operation, and in this case, market the company.  Midtown Marketing Company was created out of necessity as our Brokerage agents needed help becoming more profitable.  The agents were spending too much time on marketing endeavors, such as creating brochures, working social media, press releases and the like.  Things that are necessary to ones development in their respective marketplace but takes a significant amount of time away from doing what the agents do best; buy sell and lease real estate.  We have created our marketing group for the purpose of bringing minds from the marketing and advertising worlds to work on the marketing requirements for all the Midtown Commercial Realty departments as well as our Brokerage team.  

Midtown has since expanded this operation to take on third party clients, beginning with Commercial Real Estate agents from the Remax network.  Midtown aims to provide the entrepreneurial agents of Remax the advantages that other commercial real estate brokerage houses currently enjoy.  We will also provide marketing services for non competing businesses of Midtown including energy solutions, business incentives and professional companies on a case by case basis.

Some of our services include:

Website Design and Creation



Email Blasts

Offering Memorandums

Social Media Placement

New Product Launch


Trade Show Consultation

Data Mining

Database Management

Inside Sales Services


                                                                                      Client Services

As a part of the Midtown platform, there is a Client Services representative attached to every transaction.  Our representatives will be in constant contact with you throughout the entire transaction process.  This allows our clients, partners and investors to be informed every step of the way.  Today's economy runs very quickly and time is of the essence; Midtown's Client Services group is there to make sure that everyone is on the same page during a project and transaction.

Our Client Services group will be in touch with the appropriate client, partner or investor at regularly scheduled intervals during a transaction.  They will also serve as an additional contact in the event of any material change or emergency.   They are the Client Portal for the Midtown operation....



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