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The people of Midtown make an investment in the firm and each other. It is our responsibility to make the work environment a productive one, allowing our people to do what they do best. That is why Midtown offers company shares to all, as well as group health, financial planning, education and more.

When you look at the benefits associated with Midtown, its different than many boutique firms that are in the marketplace today. We look to help our associates with the necessary things in their life so they can focus on what they do best.. the real estate business. We accomplish that by the following-

The Essentials
- The ability to acquire group health without going to the public marketplaces
- A Suite of Insurance and Investment products (Health, Life, Retirement, College)
- A Suite of planning and Professional services (Tax, Legal, Charitable,)

Then Personal Growth
- Realizing income from multiple revenue streams
- Forming your own teams
- Partnering in new offices and territories
- Equity in the office that you work in.
- Education via regularly scheduled seminars, conventions and networking

Then Financial Growth
- Investing in Midtown Real Estate projects
- Investing in Midtown Real Estate funds
- Participating in Non-Real Estate Midtown investments (Businesses, Startups, Equities)

Our Culture
- Honesty
- Entrepreneurship
- Civility
- Socially Conscious
- Hard Work


Group Insurance Offerings

Download an overview of our Insurance Offerings here.

Midtown Brochure

An overview of what Midtown is about, where we are going and what we are offering to Brokers, Agents.& Staff.

Midtown Placemat

An overview of past clients and services.

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