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Midtown is seeking Brokers to partner with in all 50 States. We offer a progressive partnership structure with Brokers with multiple streams of revenue. We are open to partnering with brokers to open locations multiple states. Commercial and Residential opportunities are available.

Midtown's Expansion Plan is simple.. to be in all 50 states. We may or may not get there, but we're going to put our best foot forward to do so. With that, we will gladly speak to Brokers for one state or blocks of states to create a more effective economy of scale. As we go into each state, we will acquire assets with the Broker and Agents for each office so our revenue streams grow exponentially. We have partners with Residential Real estate expertise so we can add both Residential and Commercial offices in a given market along with Property Management and the other business that we own (Facilities, Janitorial, Security). Our partnership model ensures we all have skin in the game. If you have an existing company or are even a single broker looking to forge their own path.. we want to speak to you!


Group Insurance Offerings

Download an overview of our Insurance Offerings here.

Midtown Brochure

An overview of what Midtown is about, where we are going and what we are offering to Brokers, Agents.& Staff.

Midtown Placemat

An overview of past clients and services.

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