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We are a national, boutique full service real estate firm that can service all the needs of our clients from Brokerage of all property types to Management, Construction, Investment and Finance. If there is Real Estate, Midtown is there.

When Midtown was formed, it was based on creating a boutique version of what made the largest real estate companies in the world successful. Every large real estate firm owns their own real estate. They also develop, broker, manage, advise, lend, pledge equity and provide services. They have full administrative, accounting, marketing staffs as well as analysts and management people....


As an Broker or Agent, you have full services available to you in administration, marketing and accounting. You have the access to other businesses we own for you to make more revenue with your transactions. We call it the "width" of a deal. The same phone call can help our clients in multiple ways, so at Midtown we don't ask for listings.. we ask the client how we can help them. "How can we help you ?" Is the standard question at Midtown because we can assist people in ways they may not be aware of. All you need to do is ask.

If there is Real Estate.. Midtown is there.. Action. Opportunity. Ownership. Midtown. These are not just words, they are core beliefs of our firm. We own real estate; so who knows how to help others better than us? The difference is that we will refer our clients to the people we use.. bring them into our investment opportunities, find them debt and equity with our people, provide services with our staff who handles our properties and businesses. That is the Midtown difference..

We are Full Service... We are Authentic... We work Nationwide... We are Midtown.


Group Insurance Offerings

Download an overview of our Insurance Offerings here.

Midtown Brochure

An overview of what Midtown is about, where we are going and what we are offering to Brokers, Agents.& Staff.

Midtown Placemat

An overview of past clients and services.

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