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Midtown's mantra is Action. Opportunity. Ownership. We feel that owners of investment real estate command a greater skillset to service their clients. Every agent and staff member at Midtown has the ability to invest in our investment offerings. We are due to launch our first employee fund in 2021.

As Midtown believes in the ownership of its assets, it only makes sense that all of our Brokers, Agents and Staff have access to invest in said assets. It is in that spirit that we are in the process of creating our first Midtown fund. This fund will only be available to our Brokers, Agents, Staff and Partners at this time. The best part of this fund is, once your in it, you're in it for as long as you want to be, whether you continue at Midtown or not. This is the investment we make in our people.


Group Insurance Offerings

Download an overview of our Insurance Offerings here.

Midtown Brochure

An overview of what Midtown is about, where we are going and what we are offering to Brokers, Agents.& Staff.

Midtown Placemat

An overview of past clients and services.

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