Nicole James


Nicole has spent the last 14 years learning everything there is to know about the real
estate industry…from ground up construction to buying and selling.  She specializes in
commercial real estate, which includes restaurants, multi family buildings, warehouses,
shopping centers, and resort developments.  Her knowledge also includes full
restaurant build outs, gut renovations, international master brokerage, and liquor license
exchanges.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism
Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and an Associate
degree in Marketing from the University of Mississippi. Midtown Select Commercial
currently holds her license in Short Hills, NJ.  She serves clients from the Tri -State
Area, Florida, California and Belize.  

Raised in Louisiana and transplanted to New York City and New Jersey, she has an
effective combination of Southern charm and Northern tenacity.  Nicole likes to win for
her clients, but does so with a calm demeanor and a smile.  After graduating from
University of Mississippi she joined Delta airlines as a flight attendant and was based in
New York City for 10 years.  That experience taught her how to be patient and to
connect with people.  She takes a personal interest in clients, their stories, and will do
anything to help bring their dreams to life.